Tuesday, February 10, 2009

18th Bday

Today is also a big day in our home for another reason. Sid, the cat, is 18 years old!!!! In cat years,(according to catage.com), he is 69.7 years old. Sid had a great bday and had a treat, lots of napping, and lots of playing too. He acts like a little kitten sometimes and other times he looks old. The Vet said that they could not believe how old he is due to the fact he is so fit.
Happy Birthday, Sid!!!

Regional spelling bee results

Today, Abby competed in the Regional Spelling Bee in West Bend, WI, at Silverbrook Middle School. She did very well. She placed 4th place in the Cesa 6 region. Her parents and school are very proud of her. This was the second year in a row she competed in the regional and that in itself is hard to do and something for her to be proud of. I know she feels very disappointed at this time, but I hope she will look back at this and realize that she did a great job and we are very proud.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Long Weekend But .....

This has been a long weekend but has been fun. This weekend was the basketball tournament for 6th grade at our school, St. John. Ian's team did very well. All of their games were close (I hardly had a voice after each of the games.) The games were so close and stressful. Ian's team won the first game, lost the second game and the final game ....... they won~!!!!! Giving them third place in the tournament. They won the final game in the last few seconds of the game. They had one play and one chance to execute the play and they did it!!! They are playing so well and have learned so much this year. They are playing like a team and that is certainly making a difference this year. Way to go, Ian!!!!
Abby also started Forensics this weekend. Forensics is a form of speech giving, or reading poetry, telling stories etc....Abby is doing storytelling. This is her third year in forensics and each year she has done a different category. For her first meet, she did exceptionally well (again). She got first place in both rooms (you perform twice) and she got a bronze medal which they give to the exceptional pieces performed. She almost did not have a voice for her performance because she woke up that morning with frog in her throat. Thankfully all went well and she excelled!!!!
Way to go, Abby!
I did somehow get to quilt a bit. I started on a table runner for Valentine's Day. It is made with Moda fabric. Here is the top done. It just needs to be quilted and bound. Wish me luck on getting this done before the 14th. TTFN

Spelling Bee champ

On Thursday,January 26, my daughter competed in the school spelling bee. The winner of this spelling bee goes to the regional bee in two weeks. The each class from, grades 5th-8th, select three competitors to represent their class. Abby was chosen as one of the 8th graders. I am proud to say that Abby was the winner of the Spelling bee. She won with the word, "bequeath". She will compete on February 10th in the regional bee. Way to go Abby and Good luck next week. TTFN.

Monday, January 19, 2009

January Project Done!!!

I am so excited!!!! I actually finished a project for one of the challenges I am participating in this year.
It is the one project a month challenge.
I decided to use some of my "stash" and make this bag. It is called a
"Smart Bag". I found the pattern at a local quilt shop a few weeks ago. It was sew easy and fun to make. The bag is lined in the polka dot fabric and there are white buttons holding the straps up. The other photograph is batik HST. (Obviously) I signed up for a swap that involved making these. I will have to make them over again, however. I made a little mistake in the directions and thought the finished project was to measure 3" and it actually was to measure 3 1/2 ". Oh well, I am sure I can find something to do with these HST. I have already started on my February project with some Moda fabric I bought last year for Valentine's Day. For me the starting the project is not the problem, it is the finishing. Keep warm and have a great day. TTFN